The death of blogging?

Got some extra time tonight. Checked out some of internet marketer’s e-mails that I subscribe and go to my google reader to read some blogs.
When I read through, I could see the trend of bloggers apologize readers because they did not have time to update the blog, reduce in number of generous and useful tips etc.
Below are some reasons I can think of why the bloggers are slowing down and may lead to the death of blogging..

  1. Too busy to write for free
  2. Don’t get enough money to ‘fund’ their blogging effort
  3. People don’t have time to read blogs anymore
  4. No more interesting idea to write about
  5. Don’t have goals and no achievements whatsoever after writing for a year!

Now blog is just like a website – Being abandoned and left out being rubbish on the internet. When doing a search, the old posting that is not relevant anymore pops up requiring more time for you to find a good answer for your research.
So what’s next after blogging?

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Comments (2)

  1. hi azwan…

    ur article hang halfway? or purpose left in suspense?
    i was hoping to see whats next after blogging…but no answer.

    but i guess maybe its video next ..judging from the growth of youtube etc.

    just my thoughts la


  2. Hi nurul,

    InsyaAllah will write the next episode soon.. but no time to blog lah 🙂

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