Received check from Kontera

Just received another check from Kontera. This is the 2nd time I received payment from Kontera. The commission is very slow compared to Adsense. Never mind actually since it complements Adsense with in-text advertisement.

kontera check
As usual, I don’t like to show off my income to the public. Maybe some people say that it will give motivation to others to work harder to get more but most of the time people think it is so easy to get it and will stop trying after do not get anything for few months pouring effort.

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  1. uih…hebat..! bagi tip sket camne nak start

  2. another passive income di awal2 bulan..

  3. tahniah bro meskipun skit tp lepas gak lah duit pampers anak kan 😛

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