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Dah upgrade WordPress 2.7?

Malam ni saja tengok-tengok cpanel hosting kot-kot ada upgrade untuk wordpress 2.7 dalam Fantastico. Sekali memang ada betul. Sebelum ni adalah tengok sikit preview tentang wordpress 2.7 ni tapi tak ada sangat features yang betul-betul ada ‘wow’ factor. Antara kelainan … Continue reading

16. December 2008 by admin
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Yes, it’s right,

I thought it was a mistake when somebody left me a message with an email ending with Then I typed the URL and it went to yahoo mail website. I then sign out my yahoo mail login to ensure … Continue reading

04. August 2008 by admin
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How to place a contact form on your website?

I always being asked on how to create a contact form for website where visitor can write message on an online form and the data then be sent to the website owner’s email. Long time ago I used free service … Continue reading

03. August 2008 by admin
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XsitePro version 2 is released! at last…

At last, after waiting for looooooong time, Xsitepro version 2 is now released. I am now still awake just to wait for the new site to launch. To have a quick view on the new features and the most important … Continue reading

21. May 2008 by admin
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Cheapest Wireless Broadband?

It is not the cheapest actually since you can get a wireless broadband access as low as RM68/mo with a bulky modem but I can say it is the cheapest in its class 🙂 I did some survery with other … Continue reading

16. April 2008 by admin
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World’s thinnest notebook

I read newspaper ad that claim the notebook is the world’s thinnest notebook. It’s a Mac. No wonder. Always come with a difference. But I’m not one of Mac goers. I think may be my friend Azizi will get one … Continue reading

16. April 2008 by admin
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Are you invisible on YM?

I’m the one who is always log in to YM as invisible and remain invisible 🙂 Just now I’m looking for a code to place YM online status on website and found this interesting website. Maybe you also want to … Continue reading

17. February 2008 by admin
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Maxis 3G now in Rawang!

Maxis jadi penyelamat kepada kelembapan TM untuk pasang streamyx dan kelembapan Celcom 3G mengembangkan sayap di Rawang. Masa nak beli dulu kata kat Rawang dah cover Celcom 3G. Bila dah beli tak ada pulak even kat tengah bandar as claimed. … Continue reading

18. January 2007 by admin
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Pengguna Internet di Malaysia

Dah berapa ramai ye pengguna internet di Malaysia sekarang? Sehingga September 2006, pengguna internet di Malaysia adalah seramai lebih 11 juta orang! Kira-kira 40% peratus jumlah penduduk. Peratusan pengguna internet di Malaysia adalah antara yang tertinggi di Asia selepas Hong … Continue reading

05. January 2007 by admin
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Celcom 3G activated

Hari ni 3G Card dah sampai. Lewat seminggu dari HP notebook yang diterima pada Selasa lepas yang dibeli dengan Celcom 3G + HP promo. So lepas ni tak perlu guna handphone untuk connect 3G. Dah dapat kurangkan masalah bateri handphone … Continue reading

07. December 2006 by admin
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