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Kerja kosong – web developer

Iklan kerja kosong sebagai seorang web developer. — Techsense Web Sdn. Bhd is a software development company specialized in web and internet-based application. We are located in Section 17, Petaling Jaya Selangor (near UIA/UM) We are looking for talented dedicated … Continue reading

09. February 2012 by admin
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How to place a contact form on your website?

I always being asked on how to create a contact form for website where visitor can write message on an online form and the data then be sent to the website owner’s email. Long time ago I used free service … Continue reading

03. August 2008 by admin
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How to secure your PHP code on server

Long time ago, I’ve been searching for ways to secure my PHP code on hosting server or code installed on client’s server. As like compiled language such as C++ or VB, you can easily compile it as executable file (.exe) … Continue reading

16. March 2006 by admin
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Common PHP error messages

Debugging your code may take your time. So it is quite a good idea if you can list down common errors so that you can overcome it faster the next time you find it. Below are some common errors that … Continue reading

01. March 2006 by admin
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FFA classifieds website project

I’m now in progress of developing free for all classifieds website that will – make it very easy to post ad. No registration required – easily to search by keyword – has search engine friendly feature – ready to serve … Continue reading

20. February 2006 by admin
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How to generate random number in PHP?

Sometimes we need to have a random quote, news, testimonials being displayed on the front page of a website. We can use random number function to get a random id of a data to be generated. The code is as … Continue reading

18. February 2006 by admin
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