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Buying e-books online has become a trend to internet society especially in US. It is fast and easy. But sometimes, it is costly and not handy (you cannot bring your e-book if you are not carrying or having your computer with you).

You can get a physical book for maybe half of the e-book price. Some of popular author wrote their books in both formats – physical book and e-book.

I’ve just looked around MPH portal (maybe this is the Amazon for Malaysia without the affiliate program.. hehe) for price of some books I would like to purchase (few are from US). The price is no more than RM100 for each. Quite cheap. If you buy an e-book the price usually no less than US47 (about RM170) or you can get it for half the price if you buy from your own affiliate link. That is what I did if I purchase e-book online.
Here are few important things you need to know when purchasing physical books online

  • Payment via credit card (the fastest) or online banking
  • Courier to your doorstep within 2 weeks time
  • Return policy – within 7 days
  • Courier charge is waived if your purchase value is more than RM80 (for West Malaysia)

Now I want to register and place my order. I will get my books in 2 weeks time. Hmm.. maybe that’s why people love to purchase e-book. They get it immediately after they pay. Yep, most people can’t wait if they really really want something.

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