Buy before you sell.

This is one good tip for affiliates. All of us want to make money. But are we sensitive enough to think about the buyers? Or we just want to make money? That’s it.

Rosalind Gardner said in her newsletter about be honest on what you say. How to be honest? Tell what you know and don’t lie. If you want to sell an e-book, try to purchase it first then write an honest review about it.

If people like it, they will buy it. The most important thing is if people like YOU then they will buy it through your affiliate link.

So if possible, buy before you sell. Write an honest review about the products and make your customer satisfied buying the products that YOU recommend.

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  1. I totally agree… people want to buy but they don’t want to be sold to. They rather discover things themselves instead of having a salesman behind them all the time.

    I found the best way to write reviews is to tell a story of how you’ve used it and how it has helped you…

  2. This entry really make sense. An honest review is always the best.

    Mr Azwan, I assumed that U’ve bought Rosalind’s eBook,..or havent U? Can I get a review from U?

  3. Gobala, people want to minimize cost so that can make more money. So they don’t buy. Hehe.. But the truth is sometimes you have to spend more to gain even more.

    Ryco, I haven’t bought her book yet. So cannot write a review 🙂 Just registered with her newsletter.

    What she always always stress is to use opt-in list to make money in affiliate program.

    She said “opt-in e-mail is not an opt-ion”. Nice words.

  4. Opt-in list…

    I’m still working on building my list. Boy its hard. Really have to learn alot from U guys…

  5. If you’re working as an anonymous affiliate, then you don’t have to even read/use the product. I managed to send thousands of sale to a website selling golf guide, where I’ve never read it. I don’t even know how to play golf!

    However, if you’re running your own newsletter, or blog where people recognize you as an expert in the field, you MUST know the product well before promoting it. You don’t want to promote a lousy product that will affect your credibility. Do you?

  6. “I managed to send thousands of sale ”

    I mean “thousands of dollars in sales”

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